01 January 2015 @ 07:30 am

If you're here only looking for my resources, then please head over to hgx and watch that community for the updates.

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21 November 2012 @ 06:43 am
So I posted 3 Spuffy wallpapers at Seasonal Spuffy, yesterday! It's been fun .. I missed making fanart!

Click to full view/download them ;)

2 more under the cut! .......................Collapse )
07 November 2012 @ 11:53 am

I just bought myself new sunnies. Summer coming and my 4 year old pair needs to see the bin. *g* 

07 November 2012 @ 09:51 am
It's kind of sad that a lot of you guys are moving to DW for good. I mean I know you guys are all cross-posting to LJ and all but it feels lonelier to be on LJ these days.

So, I'm testing this out, does it really matter where I post? LJ or DW? I don't have many friends on my DW flist yet, but hoping it'll grow quick. Actually, that's good... it's time to start over and I can actually get to know you guys better. It can be a brand new journey all over again.

I have to upload some icons, etc. to use. Update my profile and stuff.

Anyways, I have to go back to work now.

26 October 2012 @ 02:01 pm
if LJ has the LIKE button for posts? Like on FB - sometimes you don't know what to reply or comment on things, but it's always nice when you know that someone actually reads your posts and press the LIKE button to let you know they read it! :P Just saying! 

Not specifically that you have to like what the post is saying.. maybe a 'smile' (>.<) button - telling you 'I read your post, thanks for sharing!' 

Hehe just a thought! 

Going to watch TVD soon... but I have to clean the house first.

Oh! If you follow my facebook and you've seen this, but I'd like to share a painting that my daughter just finished a few days ago... It's a watercolor on mat board painting of a Koi... If you're wondering, she's turning 14 and I think she's an amazing little artist! I couldn't draw/paint like she does when I was her age!! 

:D Okays, I'm going to clean now! Lots of love to you all! *HUGS*
24 October 2012 @ 01:30 am
to my posts from last year.. wow, so unhappy! Every post was about me being tired, angry and super sad. 

I think I'm gonna filter and lock all of them so no one can read them ever again. I'm not happy reading myself from last year! 

Why no one is never really on LJ anymore :( it's sad... I'm here at least once or twice a week, but I don't see many friends posting anymore on my flist. 

I miss you guys. Really!

I have to write this down... stop contemplating and start doing what you have in mind! I have to learn to be that way because that's the one thing that ALWAYS slows me down in everything. It really sucks. 

I'm going to start using this journal more often and actually post and not just reading my flist. At least a little ramble should be good? Oh wait.. maybe not, because I might lose more friends if I get more chatty. LOL. Yeah, yeah I know I'm so uninteresting and I know I still see over a thousand journals friending this journal because I'm always kinda quiet so no one really bothers to remove me from their watchlist HAHAH. Right or right??? Think. so. 

Oh yay I'm rambling.. I actually have something to write. 

Is it Thursday yet?? I'm waiting for the next TVD. I'm a little bit more obsessed with it at the moment. 
Any show you think I might like to watch? I'm only watching TVD and Revolution at the moment, actually.. I'm waiting for at least 5 episodes of The Walking Dead until I watch them all at once. :) Also going to start watching The Fringe soon!

Anyways, better go get some sleep. Take care, everyone! :)xox
23 October 2012 @ 09:55 pm
Creating fanart so much.. 

So I've been browsing the net for Buffy fanart sites.. There are a lot of them around and they're pretty active. But I can't seem to find any Spuffy fanart website?? Do you know any? Any Spuffy fan out there who knows any website that showcase Spuffy art? I've spent the last hour on many Bangel sites! >.<

I'm thinking of making a new fanart site... I dunno how often I'll make fanart, but I just miss it SO MUCH. I miss being a part of the fanart playground again.. just to have fun, you know? What do you think? 

I'll re-upload or maybe remake my Spuffy wallpapers/collages - make a home for them.. because now? There isn't really a home for them. They're just posted randomly on LJ communities, etc.. 

Should I, shouldn't I?? 

22 October 2012 @ 10:51 pm
So I said I missed the deadline to sign-up at seasonal_spuffy - I emailed them of my interest, and guess what?! I'm scheduled to contribute on the FIRST day it starts... O.O WHOAH!

Well, it's a good thing because it means I have no time to contemplate too much and I won't forget to make something! I pretty much have to start right now knowing my history of losing my muse once every week... >.<

So.. anyone has a suggestion or request on any Spuffy loving material that would help me get started?? Any fiction that you'd like me create an artwork for, maybe?? Icons? 

I'm not even sure if I still have any Spuffy friends who read my posts... but if you know someone who might want to use me to produce some pretty Spuffy, send them my way, pls?! :P 

I'm too lazy to go through my old backups for Spuffy images.. Anyone want to link me to good quality Spuffy images' archives? If there's any online? If not, then I'll have to go back to using the same ole stuff I've used in the past. >.< 

I am really excited! *bounces* 
21 October 2012 @ 03:13 pm
Bummer I missed this round's sign up for seasonal_spuffy  :( 

27 September 2012 @ 12:35 pm

Wow, it's raining and windy as hell. Kids are all at school and I feel bad that they're all out there :( I'm such a softy. 

This is the last week of school before the 2 weeks term break. No school means I will have more distractions around here which is not so good since I have a few projects I need to finish in the next 2 weeks time. My fandom obsession isn't helping either since now I'm all being impatient waiting for TVD to come back on. When is season 4 going to start? 

*Brrrr* It's so cold. Why is it still cold? It's spring, damn it!!

If you're following my facebook, etc. then you'd have seen this scrap texture/art I did last week with one of my kids/nieces/nephew. *g* My kids look very Asian compare to their blonde cousins. LOL! Hubby is the only one married to a full Asian wife ;) 


Textures you can download on my site if you want it ;) 

Some other random scribble I did recently if you haven't seen them on my site, that is... 

Again, all textures can be downloaded on my site if you like them! ;) All of these were hand painted/drawn in Photoshop. I've been updating Hybrid Genesis at least once a week - there are lots of new textureArt I've shared in the past few months. 

What else? I need to go back to work, now... one of you here who might read this might be eyeballing me from afar saying 'get your butt to work, young lady!!' *g* I love you, Em.. your site will be up and running very soon. Really!! *coughs* 

Love you all, I'll be back soon! xxxx